Therapy Yoga

During uncertain times we need
more than ever, personal tools for coping with
stress and anxiety!

Do you need support with?

  • Constant worrying and busy thoughts
  • feeling overwhelmed or burnt out
  • positive tools for improving your sense of wellbeing
  • I needed support with all of the above …

    When I first came to yoga over 20 years ago, I was overworked, overwhelmed and suffered with chronic pain. Mindfulness based Yoga gave me the reset
    I needed to journey back to wellness.

    Through dedicated practice and teaching, I’ve come to know that Mindful Yoga is one of the most beneficial ways of reducing stress, and promoting wellbeing.

    My coaching programmes have helped people to feel:

  • more balanced and in control of their lives
  • more able to cope with personal challenges
  • healthier, energetic, and body positive
  • more self-care focused and less self critical
  • What coaching involves?

    During your online coaching session, (via Zoom) I will work with you to put in place small but impactful changes to your life routine!

    Sessions can involve:

  • Mindfulness – to help you feel centered and grounded
  • Breath & relaxation therapy – to help reduce stress in the body and mind
  • Yoga practice – for promoting physical wellness and increasing your energy levels
  • Yoga philosophy – to support your ongoing positive mindset
  • If you are ready to make the wellbeing changes that you need right now…
    …then I’m here to support you!

    Book your introductory Special Offer £195

    (until 3rd April 2020)

    3 half hour coaching sessions (plus 1 complimentary follow up call)

    NB: These can be scheduled either weekly or monthly

    Book Now – £195
    (valued at £295)

    I understand that there are no refunds for this programme

    121 Special Offer – £195

    Book your 3 month Coaching Programme

    3 one hour coaching sessions (plus 3 complimentary follow up calls)

    NB: Hour sessions are scheduled monthly

    Book Now – £585
    (valued at £730)

    I understand that there are no refunds for this programme

    3 Month Coaching package -£585

    Want further info?
    Why not schedule in a 15 minute chat with me to answer any of your queries and to see how coaching can benefit you!

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